The Complexity of a Video Project

On September 16, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Madeleine Brookes

We have been working on our projects in the WAB ITGS classroom. Today was the deadline for the first draft – and I now have a number of USB drives that I need to prise open and get marking. More on that later…

Many of our students did video projects and therefore we had many discussions on the complexity of the techniques required to hit the top marks (7-8) in Criterion E:

The IT solution identified in criterion B is created. The structure of the complex product and the choice of techniques used to develop it have been fully justified (with screenshots).

Sources are cited appropriately.

The IB Online Curriculum Centre (OCC) is a great source for discussions and I strongly urge teachers to look through the posts to see what has been discussed and to post their questions to ensure that the students are on the right track. The Teacher Support Material is very good and whilst some of the more able students are able to make sense of the examples, I strongly recommend you take the students through this material, especially the examples so that they have concrete models to guide them. Finally, there is a document that is published annually which gives a list of the appropriate techniques and their complexity.

Based on some of the projects that our students have been working on, I have tried to collate all the information about the complexity techniques for creating their videos in our wikispace. I hope that this helps.


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