This blog has been quiet the past two months. Madeleine and I have been very busy with the Flat Classroom Conference (pre, during and post) that involved some of our ITGS students. I am still formulating a blog post about that amazing event……

Meanwhile our Inside ITGS collaboration continues, with a little less emphasis on the cross-class collaboration recently. We have been working through understanding software, including spreadsheets and databases, and although not the most inspiring of topics, it is a chance for our students to develop an understanding of these applications before making some decisions about their personal project direction (more coming about that soon as well).

This past week we started exploring the possibility of integrating Second Life with Inside ITGS. Inspired by colleague David Deeds, currently leading technology and innovation at Changchun American International School, and Second Life/virtual worlds guru we are considering how we can use the power of a virtual world to support engagement and learning while at teh same time deliver the ITGS curriculum. Our first fun session within Second Life recently found us flying around visiting the island and spaces that David is already working within alongside his students. The picture below shows the three of us deep in discussion in the new building David has bought specifically for our three schools to connect and develop the ITGS learning community.

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