Verification via Skype – our first realtime linkup

On August 26, 2010, in Julie Lindsay, by Julie Lindsay
ITGS Skype August 24, 2010

ITGS students at BISS communicate with WAB partners via Skype linkup

This week we had our first Skype call class-to-class. Being in the same city, Beijing, of course the timezone was not an issue. However we very rarely have classes on at the SAME time. Madeleine has an 8-day rolling timetable so the probability is that sooner or later we may be in class at the same time for a whole afternoon, or section of the morning. This week we overlapped by about 15 minutes and grabbed the opportunity to verify the other classes existence.

It is always exciting to see a group of people waving at you from the digital projector screen. Their faces were a little blurry and their movements not fluid, however each student from each class came up to the camera and waved and identified themselves. Students called out greetings, some already familiar with their partner through our first assignment that continues until next week. To some I think it was the first time they realised there really was a face and a person at the end of the Ning!

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