Big Ideas to start the Year with ITGS

On August 15, 2010, in General, Julie Lindsay, by Julie Lindsay

My colleague, friend and ITGS examiner and guru, Barbara Stefanics wrote the following list recently to encourage teachers to think BIG and to share their BIG ideas for approaching and implementing ITGS. Tomorrow I have my first ITGS class for the year.  Excited to be starting on the BIG 2-year adventure here in Beijing.  I have revamped my wiki-centric class portal, ITGS, but it is like a blank piece of paper waiting for inspiration! Our collaborative Ning, Inside ITGS, has been setup for BISS and WAB to connect, and it is anticipating the amazing collaborations and learning that will take place starting very soon.

The following “BIG IDEAS” are fundamental to ITGS and may be used as a check list when creating ITGS lessons:

  • ITGS TRIANGLE is a part of every lesson and all parts of the triangle need to be considered in every activity.
  • Students must understand and use ITGS terminology and concepts. ITGS terminology and concepts refers to both IT terminology/concepts and to the terminology/concepts relating to social and ethical impacts.
  • ‘Process’ is an important word in the course. Students need to follow step-by-step development processes for the Project / preparing for Paper 2 and Paper 1 examinations, answering questions requiring the description of step-by-step IT concepts, conducting research for the Case Study in preparation for Paper 3, and the Extended Essay.
  • Research and investigation are important aspects of ITGS (i.e. current news articles in preparation for Paper 2 (and Paper 1 to some extent), HL Case study & Paper 3, and the Extended Essay)
  • Students learn through a range of media including audio and visual material. ( addresses multiple approaches to the topics in the ITGS Guide. Many thank yous to all of the experienced ITGS teachers who are collaborating in this project.)
  • Students understand the use of IT through hands-on activities.
  • All aspects of ITGS must be placed in real context with real examples.
  • Command terms (i.e. organized according to Bloom’s Taxonomy) need to be used for all discussions, assignments and in-class tests so that students become familiar with them.
  • Discussion and analysis of current news items relevant to ITGS need to be regularly included into ITGS lessons.
  • Students need to be given adequate opportunity to write responses to ITGS exam-type questions and receive feedback.
  • Teachers need to integrate “International mindedness”, the Learner Profile and TOK into ITGS activities.

Thanks Barbara!


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  1. daviddeeds says:

    Ni hao from Changchun American International School!

    I’m David W. Deeds, the Lone Ranger…er, IT Teacher/Manager…I’ll be starting ITGS soon too. Hoping to mooch tips, techniques, etc., from you grizzled ITGS vets.

    I like the advice to THINK BIG…I’ve got in mind nothing less than having my students guide IBO teachers/administrators/students through the process of establishing a presence in 3D virtual worlds for communication, collaboration, etc. Now that’s BIG! 😉

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